Democrats in Worcester County are supported by four democratic organizations. These organizations are dedicated to providing information and support to registered democrats, unregistered voters, and democratic party candidates.  The four organizations are partners committed to electing democrats at all levels of government.   Together they raise funds for democratic candidates, hold candidate forums, and host social events where democrats can meet other democrats, candidates and office holders.  Information on each of these organizations is available on this website by clicking on the relevant tab above.  

We believe that, working together, Worcester County Democrats can make a difference and we urge you to get involved by volunteering, joining a democratic club, and attending informational meetings and social events.


Democrats In Action

Take the Blue Campaign Pledge

Democratic Central Committee of Worcester County is Making Worcester County Blue Again! Political Campaigns are won based on two key facts: Impressive Candidates with a strong message and Donations/Volunteers.



Diana Purnell, Candidate County Commissioner District 2


Zackery Tyndall, Candidate County Commissioner District 3


Virgil Shockley, Candidate County Commissioner District 4


Judy Butler, Candidate County Commissioner District 5


Nicole Caudell, Candidate Register of Wills