Mission Statement

To create an effective Democratic Party structure in Worcester County with the capability and resources to recruit and support the election of Democratic candidates who share our vision.

Vision Statement

We, as Democrats, believe that the quality of life is based on a fair society where all people can lead lives of dignity. We believe there should be no barriers to the opportunities of achieving a better life and that all Americans should have access to a sustainable livelihood, a sound education and a healthy environment.


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About the DCCWC

The Democratic Central Committee of Worcester County (DCCWC) is the local representative of the Maryland Democratic Party.  The mission of the Central Committee is to elect Democrats who believe that the role of government is to improve the lives of the people. In keeping with this mission, we provide information to Democrats in Worcester County and assistance at the county level to national, state and local Democratic candidates.  

The committee is comprised of eleven voting members, one elected from each of the Worcester County Commission districts and four elected at large, as well as auxiliary members and committee chairs.  The committee meets on the first Saturday of the month.  Meetings are open to the public and take place at The Worcester County Democratic Headquarters.

The Central Committee hosts candidate forums, keeps Worcester County residents informed on political issues, runs voter registration campaigns, assists citizens wishing to get involved in the political process, and sponsors the annual Kennedy-King Dinner in April and Spirit of the Party Breakfast in October.   The Committee also partners with the Worcester County Democratic Clubs to support events such as the annual Capture the Flag Party, Labor Day Picnic, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, and Holiday Party.  

You are invited to get involved by volunteering, joining our mailing list, participating in informational meetings and social events and/or making a contribution to support our efforts.